McDaniel says Madison votes must be tossed

McDaniel included Madison in a list of counties he argues helped swing the results of the June 24 Republican Senate primary runoff to incumbent Thad Cochran.

The McDaniel camp is accusing Madison County election officials of losing voter signature books, presenting unsealed ballot boxes, misplacing ballot inventory receipts, “commingling” affidavit ballots from all precincts into a since box and allowing 425 Democrats to submit a cross-over vote.

Madison County, they argued in the findings they presented to the State’s Republican Executive Committee, is one of five counties (also including Hinds, Sunflower, Claiborne and Coahoma) that, in their opinion, should be “excluded from the statewide results.”

“If Hinds County results are excluded from the statewide count, as remedy for fraud requires, the statewide results show that Chris McDaniel is the choice of the qualified Republican electors to the nominee for U.S. Senate,” the complaint states. “The results are the same if the results from Claiborne, Coahoma, Madison and Sunflower Counties are likewise excluded.”

Madison County Journal