McDaniel spokesman gets angry over FEC questions

When pressed about what services Liberty Action Center provided, a combative Fritsch said, “We worked with them on email. There’s you a quote.”

Despite having previously denying the campaign had paid Liberty Action Center to make the calls after the runoff, Fritsch refused to answer questions today about it.

“I don’t accept the premise of your question,” he said when asked again today.

Fritsch then said he didn’t believe any calls had been made in late June and early July. When I told him that Alvord had admitted to making the calls and that on July 3 I posted a recording of a caller claiming to be with the McDaniel campaign and explaining why they were calling, Fritsch said angrily, “That would require me trusting anything you write.”

Fritsch then said, “Off the record, when did you stop beating your wife?”

Clarion Ledger