Senate candidate visits; Talks to local Tea Party

The two state senators have also worked closely on new legislation they say will defeat Common Core – the new federal standards that were adopted by the state legislative session in 2013. McDaniel explained that conservative lawmakers were duped into voting for the new set of goals that Mississippi schools are using to bring students up to par on a national level.

“No one has fought against Common Core more than the Conservative Coalition has,” McDaniel said. “They claim we funded Common Core. No, we did not,” he explained.

“The piece of legislation was a blip on an educational provisions bill – it wasn’t even mentioned. We didn’t know Common Core was in there. It wasn’t even called Common Core then. That’s when we formed the coalition to have the bills written out and looked at so we could see what exactly was in each one. We felt betrayed. We felt like the wool had been pulled over our eyes.”

Brookhaven Daily Leader