The Chris McDaniel Hearing: Unprecedented Request to be Presented in Court

JONES COUNTY, Miss.–The hearing that is set for Wednesday at 9:30 in Jones County court will present Mississippi with an unprecedented court case in which your vote could be tossed, at least in state Sen. Chris McDaniel and his legal team get their way.

News Mississippi will be at the courthouse and will have the info as soon as it comes out in court.

Sec. of State Delbert Hosemann said that he is hopeful the judge will expedite whatever will be, be it a trial or more hearings.

“The state Board of Elections will meet in the first or second week of September,” he said. “We will apporve the ballot at that time. We are very hopeful that whatever happens will occur in the next month or so. We start sending overseas military ballots on the 20th of September. I think the judge will take that into consideration.”