The Christian Medical and Dental Associations Stands with Yes on 26 to Stop Abortion

Pro-life health care organizations from around the country continue to weigh in and issue
endorsements for the Mississippi Personhood Amendment. The latest came today, as the Christian Medical and
Dental Associations ( formally came alongside Yes on 26 and offered this statement:
“Christian Medical & Dental Associations endorses the Mississippi Personhood Amendment 26. The Christian
Medical & Dental Associations recognizes fertilization as the beginning of human life. Our individual human
identity is established at fertilization. Science validates the continuum between that first cell containing our
unique genes, through our growth and development, before and after birth, and our lives that follow.”

Yes on Advisory Board Member Robert P. N. Shearin, MD, retired thoracic surgeon and Southaven
resident, commented in response: “I applaud the Christian Medical and Dental Association for its forthright
endorsement of Initiative 26, the Mississippi Personhood Amendment, (which will be presented to voters on the
November 8 ballot). CMDA’s non-partisan support of Personhood is based upon undeniable scientific and
medical evidence as well as on their clear recognition that God is the Creator of life. CMDA’s stand for
Personhood, in solidarity with mothers, fathers, and preborn children, provides a beacon to guide other medical
groups seeking to find their voices on this crucial issue.”

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