Christine O’Donnell’s book makes false statement about Haley Barbour

In her new book, Christine O’Donnell complains about not being invited to a Bill Lee fundraiser in 2008 and then getting snubbed during the introductions by then-Delaware Republican Party chairman Tom Ross.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was headlining the July 13, 2008 fundraiser for Lee’s gubernatorial campaign at the Granogue estate of Irenée and Barbara du Pont. On page 175 of her book, “Troublemaker,” O’Donnell writes that she wasn’t invited to the shindig, despite having worked for Barbour in the 1990s when he was chairman of the Republican National Committee.

O’Donnell writes in the book:

“Our new chairman, Tom Ross, stepped up to the platform to introduce to introduce Governor Barbour, and in his remarks he acknowledged every party bigwig, every elected official, and every candidate for every conceivable office, all the way down to the state legislature … all except me, that is. It was a transparent rebuke – and pretty darn insulting, in my home state, in front of my old boss, a guy who was also being talked about as a future presidential candidate.”

However, an audio recording of the event obtained by The News Journal on Monday reveals Ross didn’t give the introductions – U.S. Rep. Mike Castle did. And Castle only talked about Barbour’s accomplishments as governor of Mississippi, leading the state through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Delaware Online