With just a cursory bit of background searching, the guy that Breitbart, the wingnut tea party press and now even the MS Democratic Trust is placing all of their stock and trade in is being shown to have some real credibility issues . . . Issues that are being gleefully overlooked.

Thanks to the “interwebs”, YallPolitics identified some immediate financial distress that Stevie L. Fielder was going through that might create some incentives to find immediate sources of cash . . . from an interviewer . . . who was paying him . . . to say whatever.

Now we find that back in 2006, Court records appear to show that he was found guilty in Meridian of home repair fraud having to pay a $250 fine and $5,400 in restitution.

Again, all is not as it seems or as the Democratic/Tea Party coalition would have you believe. And at this point, no real credible news outlet has picked up on the story.