Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly already getting business cards from South Bend realtors

There isn’t a football coach opening just yet at Notre Dame, but that evidently hasn’t stopped South Bend, Ind., realtors from being proactive.

Speaking on WKNR-AM 850 in Cleveland today, Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly said he has already received business cards from South Bend real estate agents, should a move to replace Charlie Weis be in order soon.

“Everyday it’s a flood,” Kelly said. “I get real estate cards and it’s crazy. (Things like) I want to be your new real estate agent in South Bend. I just laugh, and my administrative assistant, she kinda just throws most of that stuff away because she knows I’m not interested in anything that doesn’t have a Bearcat on it.”
As for the actual speculation that he might be in the mix when the Irish as expected part ways with Charlie Weis, Kelly demurred.

“Obviously you can’t control a lot of that stuff and obviously they’ve got a football coach,” Kelly said. “I try to just, again, from my end, focus on the job — because what do you say? You can flat out lie if you want. That’s one way to do it. Or just be honest and say listen, that stuff can’t be a factor; it can’t be involved because we’ve got too much riding on it.

“I just try to stay focused and keep the staff focused on the day to day and what happens, happens. We deal with it. Other than that, our kids know that if I have something to tell them, I’m going to tell them. I’ve got nothing to talk about when it relates to jobs that are out there until we finish our schedule.”

The Bearcats end the regular season this weekend against Pittsburgh, with the Big East title on the line.