Lawsuit looms in Madison over missing funds

Contacted by phone and emails, AT&T officials had no immediate comment but said one would be forthcoming.

Vance said he discovered the error six months ago. In 2009, the board entered into a contract with AT&T regarding the franchise fee. AT&T was not offering U-Verse at the time and Vance said he does not know when the franchise fee began.

“AT&T has not reported any information about franchise tax to us so we don’t know when they first got a liability to us,” he said Monday night. “I don’t know when they actually began offering the service and collecting the tax. Sometime between 2009 and now, they began collecting a tax. Rather than remitting that tax to Madison County, based on the information we have received from AT&T, it’s our understanding that money has been paid to Madison the city.”

Vance said AT&T is waiting on the city of Madison to return the $84,000 before the company writes a check to the county. Vance said he is tired of waiting.

Clarion Ledger