WLBT, 3/18/8

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton still owes thousands of dollars for his private security detail dating back to the election in 2005. Now he has been slapped with a default judgment for backing out of a settlement agreement according to court documents. This involves a civil lawsuit filed against the Mayor in Hinds County court. Bills totaling several thousand dollars for his private security detail during the 2005 campaign were never paid.

We have a copy of the lawsuit filed in June of 2006 by the Mayor’s friend Dale Stone. Stone is a retired Mississippi State Trooper, and a longtime friend of the Mayor. He formed a start up company called D.L.S. Investigation, Inc. D.L.S. Investigation provided a full security detail for the Melton during the 2005 election, and during the transition period into office.

The lawsuit indicates some of the services were apparently offered for free, in exchange for a city job. The lawsuit claims Melton repeatedly promised Stone would be hired as head of the Mayors security force. Outstanding bills for Stone’s security services totaled over 15-thousand dollars, and went mostly unpaid. Only $4,375 has been paid overtime according to documents.