McDaniel tells Gallo his campaign not involved with Cochran video

Gallo grilled McDaniel on his knowledge of the video that showed a photograph taken of Rose Cochran bedridden in a Madison nursing home. McDaniel again denied having any knowledge of the arrest early Saturday morning when asked by The Hill publication, despite his campaign manager and fellow state Sen. Melanie Sojourner saying on a voicemail to Cochran’s campaign manager at 7:45 a.m. that same morning that McDaniel knew of the arrest, was upset and wanted to talk directly to Cochran about it.

McDaniel said Sojourner called him at about 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning and woke him up. She told him there was something going on with Rose Cochran, and McDaniel told Gallo that he cut her off. McDaniel explained that he has been firm in his stance that the campaign not get involved in anything dealing with Cochran’s personal life. McDaniel told Gallo that he instructed Sojourner to brief him fully in Hernando later that morning.

Gallo pressed McDaniel on why he and Sojourner didn’t talk sooner or whether Sojourner told other members of the staff, including Fritsch, who early Saturday denied knowing anything about the arrest or video. McDaniel said he didn’t know, that Gallo would have to ask Sojourner. McDaniel said it was the job of his staff to take care of matters like that and that he trusted them to do what was appropriate.

Clarion Ledger