CL – Hood to have tough time with GOP in complete control

But Hood can expect more political attacks with increasing GOP state control in January. That’s when another Republican governor (Bryant) takes office and another Republican lieutenant governor (Tate Reeves) takes control of the Senate and the House could elected a Republican speaker for the first time.

Republican opposition to attorneys general is not new in Mississippi. Hood’s predecessor Democrat Mike Moore battled the late Republican Gov. Kirk Fordice, who even sued trying to block Moore’s lawsuit against Big Tobacco that garnered $4.1 billion for the state.

Hood has faced his own GOP opposition. Barbour and Reeves dismantled funding for the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi that Moore founded. That political battle morphed into one over hiring outside counsel to represent the state, which Bryant as state auditor joined, his GOP successor has continued, and Simpson campaigned against in this election.

With a full Republican slate and no Democratic House to protect him, Hood could find the next four years quite vexing, no matter how popular he may be with voters.

Clarion Ledger