Talks on Medicaid necessary for state

During a Stennis Center/Capitol Press Corp luncheon Monday, Sen. David Blount made an off-hand comment about the state providing $25 million in tax incentives for “an outlet mall in Rankin County.”

Blount was making an argument in favor of Medicaid expansion, which he said would cost the state $1.1 billion between now and 2025 but would offer a return of $12.1 billion in federal moneys. That would be an average cost of $55 million per year for the next 12 years, with an average $1 billion returned to the state.

In the middle of explaining what he called “a good deal” for the state, Blount said, “After all, this session we just spent $25 million to build an outlet mall in Rankin County.”

The Clarion Ledger