Bribery scandal impact historic

Wiseman said the repercussions of this scandal have delivered a “very damaging blow to the Democratic Party.” Campaign contributions from trial lawyers to the party have largely dried up, he said.

On another level, Wiseman said, the charges against Scruggs could have played a role in keeping former Attorney General Mike Moore from running for the U.S. Senate because of all the questions he might have been asked about his longtime relationship with Scruggs.

Wayne Dowdy, chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, conceded what’s happened is having an impact on the party. Scruggs and others were “generous contributors to the party,” he said.

Dowdy said he’s keeping a close watch on what happens, wondering, “Who’s next? What’s next?”

Another possible fallout could be the resurrection of resolved lawsuits if bribery is proven.

Clarion Ledger