CL covers Diaz’ call to congress for investigation into DOJ

“There are political prosecutions that have gone on around the country,” Diaz said. “Innocent men are sitting in federal prisons. …It’s time for us to do something.”

Diaz was acquitted of corruption charges in a 2005 federal trial and later on federal tax evasion charges.

He joined other targets of recent federal investigations, along with their families and attorneys, at a forum in Washington to press for action against “selective investigations” by federal prosecutors under the Bush administration.

They said the investigations were politically motivated and targeted mostly Democrats, including a governor, state elected officials and local judges.

“This has been a war against Democrats,” said Charles Walker Jr., whose father, former Georgia state Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker, is serving a 10-year sentence for stealing from a charity and other crimes. “It’s a different day, a different regime, and we are hopeful that things will turn around.”

Justice Department officials under the former administration have been accused of dismissing several U.S. attorneys for political reasons. Critics also have complained about their handling of civil rights and voting rights issues.