Education: Move toward early ed

Republican Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and declared 2011 Democratic gubernatorial contender Bill Luckett both talked about the need for new and better early childhood education programs in Mississippi. Luckett is talking about a full-blown public plan while Hosemann speaks of a public-private partnership.

Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has appointed a panel to study Mississippi Building Blocks, a privately funded early childhood development program, with hopes of establishing a statewide model. The commission will look at the early education program to see if it can devise a plan for the state, and how the state should measure such things as school accountability and student achievement.

Bryant’s Commission on Early Childhood Development includes: Mississippi Economic Council President Blake Wilson; Claiborne Barksdale, director of the Barksdale Reading Institute; Sen. David Blount, D-Jackson; and Laurie Smith, director of Mississippi Building Blocks.

Clarion Ledger