Gulfport port: Barbour was right

At the annual convention of the Mississippi Press Association in June, Gov. Haley Barbour took a great deal of pride in his support of expanding the port at Gulfport.

It’s understandable. It was a big gamble in 2005, but it’s one he was willing to take and it appears that, when all is said and done, future Mississippians will look back and appreciate his stance.

Expanding the Mississippi State Port of Gulfport is a long-term project that will create thousands of jobs and strengthen the state and national economies, Barbour told the newspaper editors and publishers.

“This will be a huge economic boom, not just for Gulfport, and I think that’s very important to understand,” Barbour said. “I honestly believe 25 years from now we’ll look back – I won’t because I’ll be dead and gone – but you young people will look back and say this is the biggest economic development project in the history of Mississippi.”

Clarion Ledger Editoral