CLARION LEDGER editorial: Legislature makes mockery of transparency, open government

First, let us make clear the current legislative leadership is not responsible for the great powers of secrecy granted to lawmakers that prevent the public from seeing contracts, correspondence and records deemed public information in every other state office. However, it is absolutely responsible for continuing this practice when presented the opportunity to act in a transparent and open manner….

…The deep irony here is that the committee’s decision likely has nothing to do with the EdBuild contract. Based on multiple reports from people who have seen the contract, there is nothing out of the ordinary in it. The details that legislative leaders have made public — $250,000 for EdBuild to review MAEP and make recommendations for education funding — are essentially it, it seems.

No, the House committee’s action is simply lawmakers wanting to ensure they can continue to spend public money doing public service as publicly elected officials in private….

…So the next time you hear a lawmaker — any lawmaker — talk about “transparency” or “openness” or “sunshine,” go ahead and laugh. Because they are making a mockery of public service with your tax dollars.

Clarion Ledger