Voter ID: Court ruling returns sanity to debate

Does Mississippi have a valid fear that the electoral process is being undermined by bogus voters? No. There have not been many cases actually documented. It has more problems in other areas, such as out-of-date voting rolls and absentee ballots – which the new computerized voting and careful monitoring should address.

But as a practical matter, it shouldn’t be an issue, in an age when ID is required in virtually every aspect of modern life.

Democrats generally oppose voter ID and Republicans support it. This is where compromise should come in: for example, allowing various forms of ID, and exempting those over age 65.

The issue is used politically as a wedge issue and diverts attention from more meaningful issues. This case allows the debate to be continued next legislative session, not during this special session where taxpayers are being billed almost $40,000 a day for the luxury of it.

Clarion Ledger Editorial