CL Endorses Hosemann

Voters must ask themselves who they trust to look after their rights, in access to government through elections which the secretary oversees and administrative laws which he administers, to watching over 16th Section trust lands for schoolchildren, and ensuring tidelands are protected and top dollar is returned from them, among other duties.

Mississippi has been blessed by outstanding officeholders such as the current one, Eric Clark, and Dick Molpus before him, leaders who have put the people first.

Since Molpus and Clark have championed the people, making government more accessible and accountable, it has come to be known as “the people’s post.”

Hosemann, 60, a Jackson real estate developer and attorney, promises to uphold the tradition of the fair and impartial oversight of Mississippians’ rights and access.

One of the best endorsements Hosemann has received is from one he defeated in the Aug. 7 primary, state Rep. Mike Lott, R-Petal: “The secretary of state will be the chief elections officer for all voters, not just for one political party. That is why it is important to elect someone who understands this and who will commit himself to protecting the right to vote for every U.S. citizen who lives in Mississippi,” Lott said.

Hosemann is the right man for the job, as he notes: “Our campaign is one about cleaning up elections, passing meaningful and constitutional voter ID, fairly managing the public land that funds our schools, and making Mississippi a more friendly place to start and maintain a small business.”

Clarion Ledger Editorial