Lt. gov.: Bryant best choice Nov. 6

Bryant is a former legislator who was appointed state auditor by former Gov. Kirk Fordice. He was reelected twice because he has run that office well with the sole goal of protecting the taxpayers’ interests. He has increased the accountability in state government.

Despite the negative nature of this campaign, Bryant is not a negative person. He is a consensus-builder. He supports Barbour and philosophically agrees with him on major issues. However, Bryant has shown throughout his tenure as auditor that he is his own person. He has not been partisan and he has been willing to say “no” to Barbour and to powerful legislators when he thought they were wrong.

Franks has been a solid legislator and is passionate about the causes that touch average Mississippians, including education and economic justice. This newspaper agrees with Franks on many of the issues, especially cutting the sales tax on groceries and his strong support of education. Yet, it seems he has run more against Barbour than for lieutenant governor. The opportunity for partisan gridlock is there.

This newspaper disagrees with Bryant on some issues. But the overriding importance is electing a lieutenant governor who will make state government work for Mississippians. The next lieutenant governor must be able to rise above partisanship and work with the House and the governor for the overriding best interests of all Mississippians.

Phil Bryant has the integrity and personal skills to use the powerful office of lieutenant governor as it should be used. Bryant is the best choice on Tuesday.

Clarion Ledger Editorial