FBI raid nets documents from lawyer

Ashland lawyer Anthony Farese, a friend of Langston and who is representing Scruggs’ son, said the documents seized Monday were unrelated to the Katrina case but did involve an attorney fees dispute in which the Langston firm represented Scruggs.

He would not specify which case but said it was an old case in which New Albany lawyer Tim Balducci, indicted with Scruggs in the case, “was the one who did the work,” Farese said.

Balducci has not been associated with the Langston firm for more than a year, Farese said.

“It’s important for the public to know that neither the Langston firm nor any of their principals or their employees are accused of any wrongdoing,” Farese said.

Farese said what’s unfortunate is Langston is unable to speak publicly because he represents Scruggs in his criminal case and is prohibited from making any comment because of attorney-client privilege.

Jerry Mitchell
Clarion Ledger