Former DA under scrutiny

Alan Perry, an attorney for Frisby, argued that all action in the lawsuit should be stayed and the role of Peters investigated to determine what impact, if any, he has had on the case.

“Things started going their way after Ed Peters got involved,” Perry argued Monday.

Eaton hired Peters, but an attorney for the company said in court Monday that it is not responsible for Peters’ actions.

Eaton Aerospace alleges former employees stole trade secrets for military contracts from the Jackson company and gave them to their new employer, Frisby Aerospace, a North Carolina competitor. A federal grand jury subsequently indicted the employees on the same accusations. No trial date has been set in the civil or criminal case.

On Oct. 29, DeLaughter – on his own motion – removed Oxford lawyer Jack Dunbar as special master to hear evidence and make a recommendation to DeLaughter in the lawsuit. Four days earlier, Peters contacted Larry Latham about serving as a special master in the case.

“Ed Peters could have only known (Dunbar was going to be removed) if improper conduct occurred,” Perry said.

Clarion Ledger