Attaboys and Oh Boys for Dec 2

Oh Boy!

To the planned tuition increases at Mississippi’s public universities next fall. Even though we still have some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation, the average prices of tuition and fees could go beyond $7,000. Then there are additional plans for another increase in 2017. Higher education costs money, and it would be unfair to criticize universities for needing more funding for operations. But each time tuition goes up, a segment of Mississippi students are priced out of seeking bachelor’s degrees. Others are forced to take on higher student loans, and thus more time in debt after graduation, just to have a fighting chance for decent paying jobs. These students, literally, are our state’s future, and making it more difficult to obtain a college education, in turn, hurts the state in the long run…

…Oh Boy!

To the growing number of election challenges following the Nov. 3 general election. There are challenged metro-area election results in Hinds and Madison county races. There’s the challenge against the tie-breaking “drawing of straws” that went in favor of an incumbent state legislator. Maybe it’s antiquated election technology or faulty laws or even the occasional stubborn personality, but whatever the reasons, we should look at making the whole process easier and above reproach in order to avoid many of these later challenges. It’s only fair to the voters and candidates.