Attaboys and Oh Boys for Dec. 9


To Gov. Phil Bryant for naming state Supreme Court Justice David Chandler as executive director of Division of Family and Children’s Services. The move puts into action Bryant’s earlier words to The Clarion-Ledger editorial board in October that reforming the state’s foster care system is one of his top priorities. By appointing Chandler as DFCS director, a position elevated to cabinet level that reports directly to the governor, Bryant also named his man to oversee the needed and federally mandated reform. Making the high-profile appointment before the next legislative session, as well as stating he wants the Legislature to make DFCS a stand-alone agency instead of a subdivision of the Department of Human Services, shows the governor’s determination to fix a broken foster care system and help protect Mississippi’s children. And his appointment of Chandler, who has 20 years of experience in education serving as a teacher, counselor, school psychometrist and administrator before his legal career, reaffirms Bryant’s commitment.