Attaboys and Oh Boys for Jan. 6

Oh Boy!

To the calls from Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves to cut taxes in the 2016 legislative session at a time when lawmakers also have been told the state’s economic outlook isn’t as bright as previous years. Crumbling infrastructure, underfunded public education and a host of other vital needs will be on the table as Mississippi’s leaders face a tight budget year. Reeves’ call to end Mississippi’s corporate franchise tax and to terminate the lower brackets of the state’s income tax are likely pleasing to businesses and residents. But where would those tax cuts come from in a down year? From the roads and bridges repairs Reeves supports? From increased taxes in other areas? Any attempt by Reeves, or any other elected official, to curb wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars and to find creative solutions to serve Mississippians is a welcomed effort. It’s probably almost impossible to locate a person or business who wouldn’t enjoy a tax cut, but it’s definitely impossible to continue level funding of the state, with potential increases in some fields, while having less money to do so.