Local elections: Voters face growing issues

Across Mississippi, the 2009 municipal elections will see voters fill 2,050 various municipal officials in Mississippi’s 296 municipalities.

Time is growing relatively short for voters to make those decisions. Voters will go to the polls in party primaries on May 5 with runoff elections scheduled for May 19 and the general election on June 2.

Municipal elections represent some of the most important, relevant decisions that voters make. While municipal elections don’t attract the attention given statewide or national elections, the offices up for grabs have far more to do with the quality of a citizen’s daily life than does the choice of a new U.S. president.

Municipal governments oversee water and sewer services, franchises for electricity, natural gas, cable television, local road and street maintenance, garbage pickup, police and fire protection, zoning, privilege licenses, municipal courts, and a host of other services in addition to managing taxes and spending of local revenues.

Clarion-Ledger 4/15/9