CL – Major State Dems meet in Jackson

Recently, a meeting took place in Jackson that included Hood, Luckett, Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, Greenville Mayor Heather Hudson and Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, all considered potential candidates for statewide office. Luckett said the gathering was not called to specifically discuss 2011 races, but “the meeting took a course, and that was the primary discussion.”

No decisions were made, Luckett said, and others were in attendance. But some Democrats who were not invited said privately that such meetings illustrate the factious nature of the party.

Democratic leaders say the party is struggling for several reasons. Horhn said part of the discord is between African Americans and rural white voters.

“Conservative white Democrats have a hard time joining at the hip with black Democrats,” said Horhn, who plans to run for re-election in the Senate.

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley, a Democrat, said the party needs to get back to its roots. Presley is among Democrats viewed as having statewide potential. Presley said he likely will run for re-election.