Mixed reviews on vote in Miss.
“Low moment,” Wicker says; state lawmaker cites need

Mississippi’s senators, Republicans Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran, voted against the bill.

Wicker’s office called approval of the bill “a colossal mistake” that will “drastically expand the government, raise taxes, slash Medi-care by $500 billion, increase health care costs, and cripple already cash-strapped states through its unfunded Medicaid expansion.”

The bill “is a low moment for the Senate and for the American people alike,” Wicker said.

But state Rep. Alyce Clarke, D-Jackson, said reform will help a lot of Mississippians. Clarke was disappointed the public option was not included in the Senate bill. A public option would be a new, government-run insurance plan that would compete with private companies.

“You have to compromise on some of the things as long as you don’t compromise your principals,” Clarke said. Many probably won’t be pleased with everything in the final bill, she said, but “I think this will be much better than what we had.”