CL encourages Cochran to confirm Sotomayor

Regardless of how he votes on the Sotomayor confirmation, Cochran’s not politically vulnerable and is free to vote his conscience.

The state’s junior senator, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, is a Capitol Hill veteran but is a freshman in the Senate and faces a different set of political challenges.

In public statements, Wicker seems to be leaning against voting for Sotomayor based on 2nd Amendment concerns. Wicker said: “On 2nd Amendment rights, on the rights of the people to keep and bears arms, she is clearly out of the mainstream – not only of American thought, but of American judges in saying that it probably doesn’t apply to states. And I think that is a real problem.”

One of the real questions is whether Wicker votes to oppose Sotomayor on the cloture vote or on the final vote – or both.

Regardless, Sotomayor is barring some unforseen development going to be confirmed.