Melton: Indictment means mayor should resign

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton is back in legal trouble and that means the business of the city of Jackson is back in the ditch.

For Jackson citizens this is just more of the same. Melton’s legal issues involving this incident continue to undermine the office and hurt the city.

Even though a local jury said he was not guilty of state crimes, it was appropriate that the federal government step in and bring federal charges to protect citizens’ rights.

This will play out in court again and all are considered innocent until proven guilty.

However, guilt or innocence is not the issue for Jackson; whether he can function as mayor is.

The answer is that he can’t effectively be mayor with these continuing legal problems.

This is not the first problem, but a continuation of a pattern of indifference to responsibility and of bad judgment. But whether it was Melton or any other public official, the issue is the same on credibility and ability to function in elective office under a cloud.

He can’t. Melton should resign and not again hold the city hostage to his problems.

Clarion Ledger