Rankin County conservative hotbed

Rankin was ranked No. 35 in the nation among the nation’s top 100 “conservative-friendly” counties, according to a conservative Web site.

Criteria for the ranking was based on election results from 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, median household income, home ownership, married families, churchgoers, civilian veterans, and state laws pertaining to unions, taxes, concealed weapons and abortion.

The highest-ranking counties all are suburban areas with high percentages of white residents.

Rankin was the only Mississippi county in the ranking released in March.

It also says they’re the richest Americans once cost of living is adjusted.

Quinton Dickerson, co-owner of a metro-area political consulting group, said Rankin is home to many Republicans, making it one of the premier counties for GOP candidates seeking statewide office.

“Rankin County is extremely important in Republican politics, particularly in primary elections, because of the total number of Republican voters in the county that make up a significant percentage of the total statewide vote,” said Dickerson, of Frontier Strategies.

Clarion Ledger