CL – Steve Forbes would support Haley Barbour for President

Businessman Steve Forbes said he would support Gov. Haley Barbour if he ran for president.

“He’s demonstrated executive competence – Katrina,” said Forbes, who make unsuccessful runs for the high office in 1996 and 2000. “He certainly knows his way around Washington. There’s no way you’re going to fool him. There’ll be others running. He may decide not to, but he certainly has the right look at the situation.

“Sort of like the prom, I’m looking at everybody,” said Forbes, who was in Clinton on Monday to speak at a Mississippi College fundraising dinner.

Although Barbour hasn’t announced an interest in becoming president, the lack of a Republican front-runner has helped fuel speculation of a Barbour bid for the White House.

Don’t expect Forbes to seek the Republication nomination again. These days the 62-year-old calls himself an agitator.

Forbes – president and CEO of Forbes and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine – sat down with The Clarion-Ledger a few minutes before addressing about 250 students and business professionals.

Forbes largely blames government for the longest recession since the Great Depression.