Tater Tots, pot and tax cuts at Neshoba County Fair

Tax cuts, legalizing marijuana, alleged lies about voter fraud and fears U.S. Senate race nastiness will spill over into Mississippi’s Giant Houseparty dominated the Neshoba County Fair politicking and pontificating on Wednesday.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said the state rainy-day fund is full, revenue is up, and he plans to push for a tax cut for Mississippians next legislative session — also an election year.

It was one of the biggest announcements Wednesday, the first day of political stumping at the 2014 Neshoba County Fair. But Reeves didn’t mention such a tax cut in his speech. He told it to a gaggle of media afterward.

“We’ve seen the House over the last several years push for pay increases for lawyers, for judges, for elected officials and for all state employees,” Reeves said. “We think it’s time for a pay raise for taxpayers, to reduce the burden on taxpayers.”

Clarion Ledger