Ward 1: Ditto is best Council choice

Among the candidates are community activist and radio host David Archie, former city employee Lenard Jenkins, attorney, mediator and former prosecutor Jeff Weill and real estate developer John Ditto.

Among them, Ditto is the best choice. Although each of the candidates met with The Clarion-Ledger Editorial Board and said that crime is the No. 1 issue in Jackson’s Ward 1 City Council race, Ditto had the best plan and most realistic solutions.

Foremost, Ditto, the son of former Mayor Kane Ditto, said the city must offer more competitive salaries to lure more and better trained officers for the Jackson Police Department.

That’s a given. But Ditto added that until the city’s budget deficit can be addressed, and not only this year’s $3.9 million deficit, but future deficits arising from ongoing overspending, or misspending, the city cannot reverse negative trends.

Clarion Ledger Editorial