Younger Scruggs also going to jail

The courtroom was packed with several people crying.

His attorney, former Attorney General Mike Moore, said he has known Zach Scruggs since he was a small child. Moore recruited the elder Scruggs to negotiate Mississippi’s successful, groundbreaking lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

“He’s very remorseful, very contrite and ashamed,” Moore said of his client.

Zach Scruggs’ wife is pregnant, and Moore asked that his client be allowed to report to prison after the child is born in October. Biggers said he would consider it.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors had recommended probation, but Biggers concluded the younger Scruggs needed to spend time behind bars for his crime.

Todd Graves, another of the defense attorneys, said later that his client hasn’t decided whether to appeal the sentence.

Clarion Ledger