Clarion Ledger – Deja vu? Dems pulled same thing last year.

House Democrats say Gov. Haley Barbour’s absence from the state is stalling budget negotiations in the final days of the session.

Barbour’s office retorts it’s the House leadership holding up the budget by trying to spend too much from the state’s savings accounts.

Experiencing Deja vu? This jab-for-jab storyline of the absent governor versus the spend-fast House – as framed by the respective parties – is a repeat of last year’s budget talks.

At a news conference he called to rail on the governor, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Johnny Stringer, D-Montrose, was asked to rate his frustration with Barbour.

“I can’t express that on camera,” he said, though he delivered several one-liners about the governor’s jet fever as Barbour weighs a bid for president.

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