Clarion Ledger – Let’s see the GOP health policy

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and officials from 25 other states won a victory in a federal district court in Florida on Monday in their efforts to challenge the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul.

The real challenge to the 112th Congress, and particularly the GOP majority in the House, is to offer a substantive health care reform package that addresses the overriding issues of rising health care costs and how to significantly reduce the number of Americans who are uninsured and have no access to health care whatsoever.

Too many Mississippians don’t have access to quality health care. Too many Mississippians continue to struggle in the existing health delivery system. If not the Obama health care reforms, then what are the substantive health care policies that Republicans are offering?

The nation needs health care reform. Repeal is not an option. It’s time for House Speaker John Boehner to offer realistic plans.

Clarion Ledger