CLARION LEDGER: Hinds needs new electronic voting machines: Our view

Enough is enough. It’s time for Hinds County to stop being obstinate and move to the electronic voting machines that the overwhelming majority of counties in Mississippi use for elections.

If anyone has faith that the Hinds County Election Commission can properly conduct elections, we would be astonished. Every time people go to the polls in Hinds County a rather significant problem rears its ugly head and sends the process into a momentary state of chaos. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so frustratingly incompetent on the part of the people who run elections in the state’s largest county.

The latest issue has Hinds County Election Commission Chairman Connie Cochran admitting that she knowingly and purposefully broke the law by not ordering the state-mandated number of ballots. State law requires a county to have enough ballots for 75 percent of registered voters to cast votes. Hinds County had less than half the required number. That mean hundreds of voters had to cast affidavit ballots, which is now causing a delay in the counting and certifying of elections — including some of tight local races.

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