Clarion Ledger: Jim Hood for attorney general: Endorsement

We would wholeheartedly support the state joining lawsuits against the federal government or launching investigations into federally backed programs that were waged on legal principle and not done for political theatre. Take Planned Parenthood, for example. Investigating Planned Parenthood in Mississippi makes little sense. The organization does not perform abortions in the state. While it has a referral services, it does not in any way deal with actual abortions or fetal tissues. Investigating Planned Parenthood would amount to a political stunt and not a serious action.

But overall, Hurst is a likable candidate and someone definitely worthy of consideration. He likely would make a fine attorney general, and we believe he could have a bright political future. In fact, he has the same kind of passion for the law and disdain for the minutiae of politics that people see in Hood. But at the end of the day, Hood has done a good enough job to deserve another term.

We endorse Jim Hood for attorney general.