Clarion Ledger endorses Hosemann for Sec. of State

Incumbent Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is best choice for the post Nov. 8, having served well since his 2007 election.

Early on in his election, he successfully led passage in the Legislature of of voting reforms. They include restrictions on how agents assist with absentee voting, absentee ballot fraud, curbside voting for disabled, nursing home voter fraud, poll worker training and other issues.

But, as important or more, Hosemann has been a good steward of the state’s 16th Section lands – an important criteria for judging who should hold this post.

There was a time in Mississippi when 16th Section land, set aside for the benefit of schoolchildren, was leased for pennies an acre in good ol’ boy schemes that only benefited politicians and their cronies.

Clarion Ledger