Gov. Bryant: Gives lofty, real goals

Bryant also reiterated a constant theme of his campaign that efficiency must be returned to state budgeting. The method, he said, has been how much an agency was funded the year before and “who do you know in Jackson.” That must change to serve the state and taxpayers better.

Each of these themes, no doubt, will be expanded during his State of the State address and during the 120-day legislative session just begun. But a clue also as to where the governor is coming from, and how the state must view the budget situation, was in the governor’s them of rising together.

Just as the Gulf’s water’s pushed us with Hurricane Katrina in the worst natural dissaster in U.S. history in 2005, and the Mississippi River gave us the worst flooding last year since 1927, Mississippians can ascend to a higher level to rise above the obstacles before us.

Gov. Bryant offered a vision to see our difficulties and rise above them. It was a wonderful first glimpse of a Bryant administration, filled with gratitude, determination and hope.

Clarion Ledger Editorial