Clarion-Ledger – Hood: MDWFP lacks authority to allow bows in gun season

Last spring, Mississippi bow hunters fought hard to keep guns out of archery season. Now, they must work hard to keep bows legal during gun season.

An opinion from Attorney General Jim Hood Tuesday says that state wildlife officials do not have the authority to allow archery equipment during open gun seasons for deer under Section 49-7-37(4) of the Mississippi Code.

The interpretation of the law, requested by Rep. Bo Eaton (D-Taylorsville), chairman of the House Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Committee, seems to make only firearms legal during regular gun seasons. While the official opinion said other statutes might be applicable, none appear to involve regular gun season.

Late Wednesday afternoon, deputy attorney general Mike Lanford said he didn’t think the opinion would exclude archery during gun season, but when pushed for an explanation said he “would need to take time to review all related statutes.”