Clarion Ledger Legislative round-up

The state Senate has again adopted legislation to extend charter schools in Mississippi, but it’s unclear how it will fair in the House where similar legislation has died in recent years.

Supporters of Senate Bill 2774 say it would lift restrictions that have made the schools unpopular here, while those who oppose the bill say it would hurt local school districts.

“I’m not saying this is the silver bullet, but it’s a part of it,” said Sen. Michael Watson, a Republican from Pascagoula who has been a key proponent.

Lawmakers are churning out legislation this week ahead of a key deadline to move bills off the chamber floors by Thursday.

Both chambers are expected to take up a slew of bills today, including a Senate bill that would place stricter penalties on people found guilty of animal cruelty and House legislation to require public schools to adopt sex education policies.

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