Elizabeth Crisp picks up the story about what she calls ‘push polling’ by the Billy Hewes campaign in the LG race.

From her blog

I just spoke with a voter who received the poll. Here are the details from that voter:

– It was an automated call.

– It started out asking “If the Republican primary was today, who would you vote for?” Then it asked about lieutenant governor.

– The first of the leading questions was along the lines of a recent story by the Sun Herald. It asked whether the fact that Reeves received money from people who benefited from contracts would make you less likely or more likely to vote for him.

– The next question mentioned President Barack Obama – saying that Obama wants to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and Reeves has raised the state bond limit, voting for 99 percent of bond issues during his time on the state bond commission. It asked whether that would make you more or less likely to vote for Reeves.

– The poll ends asking how you would vote if the primary was today after hearing the information presented in the call.

– It ends saying the call was paid for by Friends of Billy Hewes.

On Friday, I reached out to the Hewes campaign who acknowledged that they were ‘in the field’ with polling, but would comment no further.