Voter ID initiative remains a black-and-white issue

“It’s a strategy designed to suppress the vote during an election when people vote the most: a gubernatorial election, or the upcoming presidential election,” she said. Members of her group, who oppose both the voter ID initiative and the “Personhood” initiative that would define life as beginning at conception, are traveling the state talking to citizens about those issues.

Colon argues that not only is the bill attempting to undermine Democratic voters, but also that it’s tied to race.

“The proponents of this particular legislation want to send a strong message, that we don’t need to elect another person of color,” she said. She argues this initiative aims to harm DuPree’s campaign for governor, as well as President Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012.
Fillingane calls that assessment “ridiculous” and “blatantly untrue,” pointing out that voter ID has been a Mississippi issue since before Obama was in office and before lawmakers could have known DuPree would run for governor.

Yet another objection to the voter ID initiative is its necessity altogether. Opponents point to evidence that the most common type of voter fraud is absentee balloting, which would not be prevented by requiring voters to show ID.

Clarion Ledger