Whitwell for mayor? The math’s a bit fuzzy.

So far the Jackson Free Press’ dogged attempts to expose the insidious plot have uncovered:

?A lengthy Facebook thread in which Whitwell said he was flattered, but denied running for mayor.
?Pictures of his wife, Ginger Whitwell, riding a bicycle in a bathing suit with a friend (and alleged co-conspirator) on vacation.

It’s pretty riveting stuff.

The thinking is that if Chokwe Lumumba’s supporters are overconfident and don’t bother to show up at the polls on Tuesday, the secret campaign could propel Whitwell, a northeast Jackson Republican, to victory.

And where was the alleged mastermind when this plot was hatched?

Before the runoff, the JFP was equally relentless in pursuing the nefarious people who put out a bunch of plain white signs that said “VOTE.”

We’re going to go back to not caring in a second, but Whitwell did ask that we publish his response to the whole ordeal so his good name wouldn’t be besmirched or whatever.

Brian Eason
Clarion Ledger