Who knew what/when? Time line of Kelly events

• April 26:

Kelly puts his Cochran hit piece online. It insinuates Cochran has a mistress — which Cochran has denied — and is traveling the world while his wife languishes in a nursing home bed. Within minutes, it starts creating a social media buzz.
Kelly pulls the video down within an hour and a half, but both campaigns learn about it. Kelly’s lawyer, Kevin Camp, later said Kelly took it down of his own accord, because it was getting negative reaction. Kelly’s wife, Tara, said Clayton Kelly received word, either via computer or phone, “that ‘the big man,’ meaning Chris McDaniel, wanted it taken down.” Tara Kelly said she’s unsure who told her husband McDaniel wanted it down, but he complied and had been planning to take it down.

• April 27:

Scott Brewster, coalition director for McDaniel’s campaign, sends state Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef a text that says, “Please know that we are doing all we can to stop the promotion of this Thad story. It didn’t come from us in any way and I’m personally making calls to scrub social media.”
Nosef responds he doesn’t know what Brewster’s talking about. Brewster texts: “Last night Twitter and FB were buzzing about the old mistress rumor with Thad. We did our best to scrub it out totally this morning. Chris will have NO mud in the arena ….”

Clarion Ledger