CLARION LEDGER editorial – EdBuild deserves chance at school reform: Our view

Joking aside, perhaps everyone should take a deep breath and then invest in the opportunity at hand. Follow the lead of the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents, which endorsed the review. It’s a notable move given the wide chasm that existed between MASS and the legislative leadership during the Initiative 42 fight.

EdBuild has done some great work, and it boasts a truly diverse staff, board of directors and group of financial backers. Its expert assessment could be beneficial in creating a funding mechanism for public schools that will actually be fully funded more times than not — hopefully more than the 12.5 percent of the time MAEP has been fully funded since its existence. If that could be our new reality, then let’s put politics aside for a shot at a better future. Because right now, for whatever reason, what we’re doing isn’t working.

Clarion Ledger