Attaboys & Oh Boys for Aug. 10

Oh Boy!

To the layoffs and closures in Mississippi as part of the state’s ongoing budget crisis. Last week, it was announced that four Mississippi National Guard armories — in Grenada, Mendenhall, Lumberton and Nettleton, to be exact — will close as part of a cost savings and facility consolidation plan. The armories serve as training venues for soldiers. Meanwhile, it was also announced that 25 workers with the Mississippi Forestry Commission were laid off, including all of the commission’s arson investigators and equipment mechanics. Both instances are examples of cuts required in light of the state’s current, and fragile, budget. While the call from many voters and legislators has screamed for cuts to government spending, we are now seeing budget slashes that can have a major impact on our state. It’s important to note “government budget cuts” can translate into closing training facilities for our guardsmen and potentially unsolved woods arson cases costing other agencies and taxpayers money for work, training and cost.

Clarion Ledger